Feed and Supplements

Feed and Supplements available at our Feed Store location at 132 W. Gonzales St, De Leon, TX.

**Farley's Beef Builder**

Made from pure cane molasses
32% Protein
Minerals Added
Manufactured at Farley Farm Supply

Additional Products Include:
  • Nutrition Plus Minerals with Custom formulations
  • Cargill Animal Nutrition
    • Acco and Nutrena feeds
    • Super Charged cubes
    • Dog & Cat food
  • Moormans Show Feeds
    • Showtec pig feed — Starter to Finisher including PayLean
  • Mix 30 Liquid Feed
    • 16% protein, 10% fat
    • Supplement troughs
  • Red Chain Duncan Supreme and Stocker 10
    • Creep, weaning and grower rations
  • MLS Tubs
    • Low moisture protein supplement feed with IGR fly control and Amaferm
  • 4-wheel Lick Tubs